About Me

Cynthia Hughes is the owner and lead Clinician for Harmoni's Haven Counseling LLC. Cynthia has worked in substance abuse and mental health related fields for the last 10 years of her professional career. Cynthia currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Experimental Psychology and Research, currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Crisis and Trauma Management.Cynthia has worked in management for most of her professional career in human services, which has included managing a female residential treatment program, working in a maximum-security female prison as a lead therapist in a substance abuse treatment program, serving as an administrator designee at a residential program for the Department of Mental Health, supervising a DUI program for 5 years and managing a clinical assessment program. Cynthia also served on the advisory board for the ADSAP (alcohol and drug safety action program) for the state of South Carolina. She is also a Substance Abuse Professional (Providing clinical services through the Federal Clearing House and Department of Transportation for individuals who have tested positive for any illicit substances while working for the public safety). Cynthia enjoys traveling, spending time with her daughter and family, singing and creative arts. Recently, Cynthia (along with two other therapists) started an anger management program called, Danger: Anger Management Program.